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Need a waste water solution Urgently?

Please see a small size waste water resources need to be solved.

We would you attend to join this project in South West of China.

We just proved that, with the economics and industry development inner land of China.Local Government more concerned the pollution, How to avoid?


– HCL 3%~5%

– FeCL2 30%~40%

– ZLD Zero Liquid Discharge ( Local Government Required)

– 2-3 Ton/ Day

– Budget 1 million RMB

Anyone interested , please contact

GRP Fan Stack

GRP Fan Stack

Expansion Bellow

Copper Tube

Oil Separator

Oil Separator : Carbon Steel Pressure Vessel

HDPE Pipes Audit

Standard : AS/NZS 4130:2009


DMPFs on Site

5 Units DMPFs


Rubber lined Parts (FGD, Pipes)

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) : Carbon Steel

Pipes : 316L Stainless Steel


Flexible Coupling

Flexible Coupling Housing

Size : 3″

Material: Duplex CE8MN